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At Hansons Windows we are constantly striving to be on the cutting edge, and your willingness to utilize new methods for bettering our roofing systems, continues to keep us ahead of the competition.

We approach each roof with an eye on engineering/design, looking at its overall functionality and performance to make sure that you are aware of the true reason for an existing roof's failure. At Hansons Windows we also guarantee its function as the solution to your problem, or we will correct it until you are satisfied.

Our Hansons Windows roofing service additionally doesn't end when the job is done. The commitment to our work continues year after year, beyond the point when other roofers have long forgotten the job they had done.

There is a point in every house's lifetime when it will require a roof replacement. Depending on the initial roofing for the house, the maintenance during its life and the external weather conditions, the roof will require repairs as well as a replacement. There are certain signs which indicate that a roof requires replacement. They are as follows:

Age of the roof. The approximate life of an average roof is 15 years depending on the maintenance of the roof.

Missing or torn shingles. If a large number of tiles or shingles are missing, then it is best to replace the roof, rather than attempting to get it repaired.

Condition of interior walls touching the roof. The condition of the walls touching the roof inside of the home is a clear indication of the time required for the roof to be replaced. In cases where there is paint loss, or moisture marks on the walls, it is time for the roof to be replaced.

Extreme weather conditions have exposed a part of the house. A major cause of accelerated roof deterioration is its direct exposure to repeated and prolonged snow, hail, rains, and sunlight. In areas where any one or a combination of these is found, the life of a roof is shorter.

Besides the above mentioned causes, there are a few other reasons which could lead to a situation where a roof would have to be replaced. These include, but aren't limited to, a faulty design, improper material being used during construction, and other external factors.

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